What are the Benefits of Participating in a Clinical Trial?

Taking part in clinical trials is voluntary, which means that everyone can decide on their own whether they wish to participate or not; furthermore, should one decide to take part in a study, they are free to withdraw from it at any time, without justification.

No one can guarantee that the treatment received during a clinical trial will be effective for everybody, however, one benefit of participation is definitely the possibility of accessing novel, experimental medicinal products which are not yet available in commerce or by other means.

Another benefit for participants in clinical trials is that they may obtain such care which otherwise they would possibly have to wait for weeks, even months: during the course of the study, a clinical study staff comprised of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals looks after the participant, while certain tests and examinations are performed on scheduled dates and free of charge. Meanwhile, the participant contributes to the progress of medicine, thus helping other patients as well.