What we do

The Society acts directly to meet its aims and objectives listed above with the caveat that it acts primarily for its members, nonetheless making available that its services become available for those other than its members.

In accordance with the above, the Society performs the following activities in a scientific, professional field aiming to satisfy the mutual interests of the society and the individual

     - scientific activities, research;

     - education and training, development of skills, education for the lay public.

Principally, the Society fulfils its purposes and activities by the following:

     - Organizing professional discussions and meetings for experts involved in clinical research organization (creating working groups, organizing and supporting postgraduate training).

     - Building an active and constructive connection network with Hungarian medical societies, patient advocates, as well as the legislative and regulatory authorities.

     - Maintaining regular contact with societies and organizations from abroad, involved in similar activities.

     - Organizing regular congresses, expert forums and other events.

     - Issuing a regular newsletter, maintaining a website.

     - Nonprofit entrepreneurial activities in order to raise the funds needed to meet our objectives.

     - Organizing and holding university-level postgraduate training and adult education, as well as taking an active part in these trainings via the Society members in order to ensure a continuous flow of new experts starting their career.

The Society acts upon a voluntary and non-profit basis, its primary objectives are not financial. Nonetheless, the Society may undertake economical/entrepreneurial activities (which are directly related to its objectives) in order to enable meeting its objectives by raising the necessary funds; however, it shall not be the principal activity of the Society. The Society may only engage in entrepreneurial activities in order to attain its objectives, without jeopardizing them. The Society shall not divide the profit earned on its financial management, and shall use it for the activities defined among the Society’s purposes. The Society may engage in investments defined in Section 2(3) of the NGO Act according to the investment regulation approved by the General Assembly. The Society does not represent any company interests.

The Society is not involved in direct political activities, is non-partisan and does not provide financial support to or accept from any political parties.

The Society uses its website ((www.mkvt.hu) to inform the general public on the way it operates and how its services can be requested, as well as to publish its reports.